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The Land's Need
The Broken Circle
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What lies in wait at this road's end?
We know not 'til the final bend
And shouldst thou find thine enemy
Has hastened there ahead of thee
With legs so fast, and sword so bright
His armour shining in the night
Then draw thy bow and pierce his heart
For life is wit, all else is art.

~ traditional verse, sometimes attributed to the Paladin Mithaniel

The ninth Mordavia weekend event will be played on December 1st-3rd 2006 at Stedfast Park Camp in Piha.


The capital city of Carpathia has fallen to the Swamp. While the growth has slowed again, the furthest parts of Mordavia now lie within reach of the Swamp's still-steady expansion. The land is plagued anew by waves of the restless dead, some risen from their grave slumber, others freshly fallen to the famine and unrest that precedes the pestilent mire. The Royal Guard, scattered and leaderless, cannot hold back the undead tide.

Now is the moment of truth for Mordavia. If nothing can be done the land will soon be lost beneath the Swamp, and its people turned to mindless ghouls. The Order of Erana has agreed to help return the Staff of Erana to Berium, yet that may not be enough. A dark power is ever at work, an insideous corruption that eats away at the spirit of both the people and the land.

You who struggle to save Mordavia have grasped the edges of the veil of darkness. Now you must find a way to undo that shadowy power or else, at last, be overcome.

Event Details

Date 1st - 3rd December 2006
Time 5pm Friday for crew, 7pm for players, finish in the afternoon on Sunday after cleanup.
Venue Stedfast Park Camp, end of Glen Esk Road, Piha
Directions To get to Titirangi, get off the North-western at Great North Rd. Turn left onto Great North Rd and go straight. It changes name to Ash St, then Rata St, then Titirangi Rd but is all basically one long road. Keep going straight and you'll get to Titirangi.

At the roundabout at the end of Titirangi township take the second left, Scenic Drive, which is signposted to Piha. Further on, veer left onto Piha Road. Travel approx 15km to Piha. At the bottom of the hill turn right onto Glen Esk Road. Stedfast Park Camp is on the left near the end of this road. Drive in and park next to the main building.
Cost for Crew $30, or $25 for NZLARPS members
Cost for Players $90 base cost. Discounts:
- $10 off for NZLARPS members
- $10 off if paid before Friday Nov 17th
Note Alcohol is not allowed at Stedfast. Note that the event is $10 more expensive than usual because the camp we're using is that much more expensive.
Ending Because of the situation in the setting, it's likely that this will be the last Mordavia weekend event. The land will either be saved or lost.

If your character dies, do not break character. Stay dead as long as necessary, then go quietly to the war room for briefing. Assume that the larp is still in play even if all the characters around you are dead.

There will be no GM call to end the event. If any player characters survive, the event will end with a "walk-out" on Sunday. If you find that you're still in play on Sunday, find reasons for your character to leave the play area by around midday after saying your farewells. Don't break character until you're out of the play area.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the game email ryan@mordavia.com. Let me know whether you intend to play or crew. If you're playing, let me know the name of your character and make sure your character is entered into the online Character Database.

How to Pay

Your place at the game is not booked until you have paid your game fee.

We would prefer that all payments are made before the event via electronic transfer. If you don't have the ability to make an electronic transfer, you can give your money to someone else who can do it on your behalf. If you absolutely have to bring money on the day to pay, please ensure that you get it to our money collector before the game starts.

Paying by Electronic Transfer

Since Mordavia has now become a project of the New Zealand Live Action Role Playing Society, payments should now be made as tranfers to the NZLARPS bank account:

Account name: NZLARPS
Account number: 02-0290-0086913-01
Bank: BNZ 262 Queen St
REFERENCE: enter your name (surname, initial).

The Mordavia treasurer will be notified of all payments made this way.

Paying by Cheque

If paying by cheque is your only option, use the following details:

Make cheque out to: NZLARPS
Mail to: 8 Monash Place, Dannemora, Auckland
Include: A note with your name on it, and what you're paying for (player or crew, discounts, etc)