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The Truth
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read All About It!
    The latest news from the far reaches of Mordavia. Noble exploits, heroic deeds, horrific tragedies and sordid scandals both old and new.
    The Mordavian Truth is available now from all major houses of the Scribe's Guild.

Kath Dewar    Stephanie Pegg
Ryan PaddyCatherine Pegg
Craig NeilsonAnna Klein
Brian WatsonLucy Telford
Alan GrantTim Boersma
Simone MichauxAJ
Rhiannon Daymond-KingMatt Brunton
Erin HockingDavid Harrup

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The Mordavian Truth started publishing in October 2003 when two NPCs amused themselves at breakfast by asking players for tales of heroic derring-do and salacious sleaze. They got such good material (along with the occasional 'I don't think you should be telling her that' comment) that they wrote it all up and put it on the website.
    The Mordavian Truth is an in-character publication. Anything in the Truth is common knowledge in Mordavia. Think about what you say to a reporter ' they like blowing things up out of all proportion.
    Editions come out at irregular intervals, that is, whenever the Editor feels like it.
    What YOU can do to speed up publication:

    1. Tell the contributors if you liked the last edition. Or if you didn't like it and why. A bad review is better than no review at all.
    2. Send in articles. (Private Message Stephanie in the forum.)
    3. Offer bribes. Chocolate fish are the traditional choice.
Guidelines for Contributors
  ' Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  ' Articles usually relate to events from previous games or things that will happen in future games. GMs sometimes plant clues, as well as the occasional red herring.
  ' Keep the information content to things that a reporter could have found out in-character.
  ' If you want to write about your character, try to keep it active, that is, about things that you are doing in the game that will affect other players. Please note the editor's extremely prejudiced opinion that people write better about characters that they do not play.
  ' If you don't want to write an article, send in an in-character advertisement.
  ' Woodcut images make nice illustrations. If it isn't original, include its source and make sure that you have permission to use it.
  ' Tell us who died and how. We write a 'Roll of Honour' for player casualties, but don't always know who got it where.