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Mordavia: Conclave was played on Monday 17th June 2005.

See the Conclave topic in the forum for discussion of the game.


Lady Alia of the Order of Erana has called upon the priests of the Order of Erana to meet in conclave at the Temple of Erana in the city of Eranov, jewel of the northern principality. Also invited are all those who witnessed recent happenings in the town of Berium, for this assembly is to discuss those events and their implications.

Lights, Camera, Action!

This event will be filmed by a TV3 Nightline crew for a 2-minute human interest piece on live roleplaying and Mordavia. By attending, all participants agree to be filmed and shown on TV.

We want this game to showcase the best of Mordavia. For that reason, we prefer for the participants to all be experienced players or crew. Some exceptions will be made, but inexperienced participants will be asked to take on "follower" type roles so that they can follow the lead of more experienced players.

In order to show LARP in the best possible light the nice TV3 people have organised a fantastic venue for us, a neo-gothic church. Please treat this venue with the greatest respect, while still feeling uninhibited to roleplay to your full potential. We ask that all the props and costumes at the game be of the highest standard, to maximise the visual appeal of the game. Only professional-grade latex weapons are to be carried (the lack of weapons is logical given the setting in a temple) and all armour should be of metal or leather except for certain key pieces of the Royal Guard armour. We ask you to think carefully about everything you bring and wear.

Event Details

Start Monday 27th June 2005. Starting 6pm, arrive at 5pm or ASAP to prepare.
End Around 9pm.
Venue St-Matthews-In-The-City, 187 Federal St, Auckland Central.
Cost Free
Organiser Hans Edward Hammonds, click here to send Hans a Private Message on the forum.