Here are answers to some of the common questions about Mordavia and Live Action Roleplaying in general. If you have a question not listed here, direct it to mordavia@larp.com and it might end up on this page, along with our answer.

What is live roleplaying?
Live action roleplaying (LARP) involves playing the role of a character in a fictional setting. It combines elements of acting, gaming, and sport. See the live roleplaying newsgroup FAQ for more information.

What is the setting in brief?
Mordavia is a medieval fantasy kingdom with a gothic twist. The valley of Mordavia exists in Eastern Europe in the 15th century. Magic and fantasy races such as orcs exist in the setting, along with darker elements. The setting of Mordavia is inspired by the setting of the computer game Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness, Copyright © 1994 Sierra Games.

How does Mordavia work?
The events are run by a group of people called the Game Masters, who create a challenging, dramatic environment for the players. It's up to each participant whether they would like to be a crewmember under the direction of the GMs or to be a player and create their own character to play.

How does combat work in Mordavia?
Mordavia is a live-combat LARP. Players swing at each other with foam weapons. If you are hit with a firm tap you take damage. No referees are required, because we rely on our players to be honest about the damage they have taken. For more details see the rulebook.

Where can I get safe LARP weapons?
You can either buy weapons or make them. Check out The DIY Guide to LRP for good guides to sword-making, or visit www.paddywhack.co.nz to buy latex LARP weapons imported from the UK.

Where can I get suitable costumes and equipment?
Make your own, or buy from the Mordavian Artisan's Guild website.