Rules - November 2004 Edition
To make our rules easy to print we've put them into a PDF document. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader software to view the rules.

Download a small low-quality version of the rules [184KB PDF].

Download a large high-quality version of the rules [789KB PDF].

Character Sheet
We've made a Word version of the Character Sheet. You can fill it in and email it to us at mordavia@larp.com. Note that the document is Word 2000. I've tried saving it as Word 95, but it loses some important formatting. Let me know if you really must have a Word 95 version. Also when you start typing stuff in or inserting images, it may flow onto a second page. Just cut things back until it fits on one page. One more thing: for the authentic ye-olde feel you'll need the Cloister Black BT font.

Click here to download the 37KB Word 2000 Character Sheet.