Auckland, 20 January, 2023

20 Jan 2023 (7:00pm) – 22 Jan 2023 (1:00pm)

School of Magic is an adventurous, slice of life LARP, that delves into the lives of the students at Braewelth, School of Magic.

This game is made for first time players and veterans who are looking for a light-hearted game.

School of Magic is designed for 20 players and 15 crew members making it less intimidating for new people to give LARP a try in a familiar and well loved world setting.

In this game players are Year 7 students at Braewelth, the premier wizarding school in New Zealand. It is comprised of four houses like other traditional schools of it's kind.

At the game you will be sorted into a house when you arrive at the opening ceremony (based on a questionnaire you fill out before the game). At Braewelth students are sorted in years 1, 3 and 7 to reflect the changes you make as you grow.

Crew members will be cast as teachers and given a role to play over the weekend as well as several other small parts throughout the game.

To see more about the houses, tickets and other details please head to our website

Registration Form:

Tickets for this weekend game cost:
Crew: $90
Players: $140

And include a custom Braewelth t-shirt for all participants