Once upon a time the world was vast and open to imagination. But history tells us of adventurers and conquerors, explorers and scientists, politicians and bankers that have slowly, inch by inch, made the world small. Every drop of water, every breath of air, every scrap of land taken and exploited till nothing is left. This is what the world has become, a dark place run by corporate entities that squabble over returns and investments while claiming they are doing it to serve and protect.

This world is broken.

Luckily we have found another.

This new world is a world of hope and dreams. It exists beyond everything we thought we knew, vast and filled with possibility. In this world we can reach the stars and new lands appear every day. We are free to imagine. We are free to live.

The virtual world is always just a thought away, a place where we can explore, hide, even conspire. It is filled with fantasy, future, history, and fairytale. But it is also a place at war. The corporations built it thinking it would subdue the masses but they never knew it would take on a life of its own. The virtual world twists and changes, always presenting a new face, a new fairy tale, constantly defying the incursions and infiltration of the corporations.

These are the worlds in which we live.

Death is fleeting, freedom is everything, prepare to be Reloaded.

Reloaded is a theatre-style larp campaign which intends to run roughly quarterly events in the Wellington region. It is intended to be accessible to players and crew as a casual daytime game. In general Reloaded Larp does not intend to charge for games, though koha is asked for to cover food and gear (if required).

More information can be found on the campaign's Facebook group (external link) .