Londinium Rising is a larp campaign set in the city of Londinium, during the reign of the “Merry Monarch” Carys I; not unlike the Elizabethan period of our own time. The majority of the campaign will take place in the district of Skintgate, the insalubrious area of the city that includes theatres, brothels, fighting pits, and taverns. This is not Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings; Londinium Rising takes inspiration from Black Sails, Taboo, and Fallen London.

You play the underclass; tavern workers, actors, petty merchants, poor scholars, blacksmiths, and a variety of other professions. Crime, witchcraft, religious strife, and plague: life can be short in Skintgate, but it'll never be boring.

Games will be 6-8 hours long and those in the lower North Island will receive preference when sorting player spots. To join, fill out the expression of interest form (external link) .